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We received reports regarding warning from some users using Avast Antivirus on their Windows. The warning is caused by a late recognition by Avast to identify which programs are considered safe to their database, so some users may received the warning while installing. We already in contact Avast to solve this matter, and ensure that the warning is a false alarm which won’t in any way harm your computer.

The other update is a bugfix on the clicking sound on the bypass button. Please visit our download page to get the update versions


Release notes:

Efektor DS3603, FZ3603 and OD3603 to Ver. 1.0.1
1. Bypass switch clicking sound fixed
2. Avast false positive warning when installing fixed (Windows only)

Efektor Silencer to Ver. 1.0.0b (Win)
1.Avast false positive warning when installing fixed (Windows only)

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