Subtractive Collective and Indo Modular presents an audio-visual show called SUBSTANTIVE #3 on the 4th of June, 2022, at the Little Contrast, Bandung, Indonesia. This is a cooperative event from a number of electronica musicians that shows musical performances and a talk show which is hosted by Grahadea, the founder of software developer company, Kuassa.

SUBSTANTIVE #3 shows a number of music performances from Aldi Saladin, Deathless, Kuntari, Logic Lost, Parakuat, dan Tomy Herseta. This event also shows unique audio reactive lighting and visual performances from Convert Textured where it was customized for a mid day event. 

The show started at 13:00 with Tomy Herseta. Tomy performed an improvised set with a number of gears such as Korg Volcas and theremin device to create a dark and gripping atmosphere. This is Tomy’s first live performance since 2020. After that, Deathless took the stage with his drone and ambient modular synth performance. He also did a free improvisation set by inviting some of the audience to play around with his instruments. Next performer was Aldi Saladin, who launched techno beats with ambient sounds from his modular synth set. This was his first ever live performance. 

Following Aldi Saladin, Logic Lost delivered his cathartic and anxious tracks taken from his next album, Degenerates, which will be released in the near future. Next, Kuntari brought thundering drum beats accompanied by his effect-drenched trumpet performance. This event was closed by Parakuat who also performed with modular synth. Parakuat set the stage on fire with his dance beats, deep bass drums, and melodic lines that forced everyone to move their body. 

Between the performance, Grahadea took the stage as host to talk and share with the audience. The atmosphere was very casual and friendly.

SUBSTANTIVE #3 was a part of a series of events from Subtractive Collective which started in 2017. Some of the previous performers are Gardika Gigih, Remedy Waloni (Curegodlast), Gulf of Meru, Maverick, Ibrahim Adi, and Theo Nugraha.

Subtractive and Indo Modular would like to thank all audience members, performers, partners, brands, and participants: Convert Textured as visual partner, venue and F&B partner: Little Contrast and Gigabytes, software partner: Kuassa, media partners: Extreme Moshpit, Fungjai, Tenacious Grid, Thursday Night Club, and Living Society Media, Official broadcaster: Norrm,

Supporting brands: Maternal Disaster, Based Club, Hijack Sandals, Capslock, and The Throne Room. Record labels: Doomwood, Orange Cliff, Blank Orb Recordings, Sorge Records, and Capslock Tunes. 

We also would like to thank everyone who participated in the discussion, where we hope that we can develop more and bigger events in the future.

By: Subtractive Collective

Photos: Gonski and Subtractive’s special archive