Are your synth sounds sounding a bit lackluster and flat? Are you tired of endlessly searching for the “best synth of the year”? The solution might be simpler than you think! Dive into the world of the Synth Essential Bundle and discover why it’s the game-changer your music production needs.

1. Spice Up Your Synth Collection
If your synth sounds need a fresh perspective, our A360 synth presets are the perfect remedy. Inject new life into your existing collection and take your music to new heights.

2. Skip the Synth Shopping Dilemma
Tired of the endless debate on the best synth for each year? Save yourself the trouble of buying another synth and explore the transformative power of effects in the Synth Essential Bundle.

3. Unleash Creative Sparks
Experience a jolt of creativity with the effects in the Synth Essential Bundle. Elevate your sound design by combining synths with powerful FX, crafting unique sonic landscapes.

4. Revamp Old Tracks with Ease
Remixing an old or unfinished song? Simply add effects to each synth track and watch as the atmosphere and movement of your projects transform. Breathe new life into your music effortlessly.

5. Bonus A360 Presets
Gain access to 14+24 additional A360 presets by visiting our [downloads] page. Expand your sonic palette with these meticulously crafted presets, ready to elevate your music production.

6. Versatility with Amplifikation 360
Amplifikation 360 isn’t just a plugin for your DAW; it’s also a standalone powerhouse for jamming with your outboard synth collection. Enjoy flexibility in integrating it into your music-making setup.

7. Compatible with Free Synth VSTs
Explore the vast world of free Synth VSTs like Tal U-no, U-he Tyrell, Crystal, Synth1, or VCV Rack. Amp up their capabilities by hooking them up with Amplifikation 360 for unparalleled sound possibilities.

8. Not Just for Synths – Perfect for Guitars Too!
With a slight modification of the gain leveling (try our preamps), Amplifikation 360 extends its sonic excellence to guitars. Experiment and discover a new dimension to your guitar tones.

9. Unbeatable Intro Price
Take advantage of the unbeatable intro price! With a total value of $227, grab the Synth Essential Bundle for just $99 until February 18, 2024. Don’t miss out on this incredible value.

10. No Extra Cost if You Already Have the Effects

Already have all the effects in the bundle? No worries! Simply install Amplifikation 360 and access the new Synth Bundle Preset Packs from the downloads page at no extra cost. Upgrade your music production effortlessly. Check Synth Essential Bundle contents here