Dear Users,

We’re very excited to say, that we really have a good feedback at Amplifikation Vermilion Launching at DCExpo, Tokyo . We met lots of new friends, old friends that happen to work at Japan, potential users, and even new potential opportunities. *crossing fingers*

Digital Content Expo, or simply DCExpo, is located at National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan),  it is an exhibition which showcasing fancy futuristic technologies on prototype stage. There’s a lot of “ooooohs“, “aaaaaahs“, coming from our mouths during the 3-days exhibition. Apparently, our CEO’s personal favorites: Tenori-On and Vocaloid are also launched there before.

Our CTO, Arie “Aradaz” are spiritedly playing few riffs from his favorite Japanese Punk band: Hi-StandardHoping that one the band’s personel might be magically shows up and tried Amplifikation Vermilion. Even though none of the personnel are showing up until the last day 🙁

Being endorsed by Japan’s Ministry of Economies and trade, of course there’s a lot of government-to-government networks with partnering countries involved. DC Expo are also showcasing Digital Content products from overseas partners, such as Korean Creative Content Agency (KOCCA)SIGGRAPH Asia, France’s’ Futur En Seine, and our own’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Republic of Indonesia, which sponsored us to showcase Amplifikation Vermilion along with other Indonesian Digital Contents. DC Expo’s main objective their self are not an exhibition to directly sells new product to consumers, but rather an event to bridge and networking between researchers, creators, and business people. That’s why we bring a full suitcase of Installer CDs and merchandises all the way from our hometown. Bandung, and spread 100 Free Amplifikation Vermilion Licenses there 😉

During the Exhibition, we were receiving lots of big help from the Expo’s Director, Noriko-San which helped us published Amplifikation Vermilion Launch not only at DC Expo, but also spreading the news to Japan’s publication medias, such as DTM Magazine, and Young Guitar Magazine.

Even though by countries, Japan are ranked 5th on our sales, but most of our users are coming from western countries, yet, there’s only a pint of engagement and communication between us and our Japanese users.  This trip can finally give us lots of a new insights through direct communication with Japanese users, and businesses, in addition, seeing a big smile on our booth’s visitors after trying Amplifikation Vermilion really makes us love our job even more 🙂

So, how is the overall result from our trip to Japan? The highlight is an upcoming co-development with a Japanese company for a future product, even though we are still  discussing about the detailed concept, but the fundamental ideas behind this are pretty astonishing for us. We can’t tell you the details yet about this since this still only a plan, but let’s hope for the best! We believe that this cooperation could create something that will raise our level in the Industry, and for you, our users, this should be something more that will open a new horizon in using our plug-ins.  Please wish us luck!

Arigatou Gozaimashita  ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ