We mentioned about another side of our life as musicians. Aside from its up and downs, and difficulties to split our “band” time with our true profession as a plugin developer. We always urge ourselves to keep playing music for the sake of forging our creative muscles and thorough production process through the eye of a real professionals do.

So, here it is… Grahadea’s latest single “Today and Forever” with his electronic trio called HMGNC.

The single is composed and mixed 100% in Reason 7 with mainly Kuassa Rack Extensions (of course!), Propellerhead’s PX7 FM synth and many of Reason 7’s default devices. The final mastering process is done using EVE-AT1 and Kratos Maximizer inside other DAW though, but it just because Kratos Maximizer doesn’t exists as Rack Extension (yet). the newly released Kratos 2 Maximizer inside Reason.

This song is the first from a series of singles that will be released one by one in the coming months. It’s currently a free download until April 30th, 2015.