The biggest savings are in bundles! Get doubled-down discounts from all of our bundles. Including the brand new Amplifikation 360 Bundle.

Are you a guitar player? Get Amplifikation 360 Bundle. You’ll get everything you need inside the top-rated Guitar Amp and FX Suite from 10+ years of meticulous R&D. Only $199 for 17 plug-ins.
Studio producers, mixing and mastering engineers will love the Studio Bundle (now at $69). Everything you need to cut or sweeten frequencies and push it into commercial-ready loudness.
Loves trippy-modulated tones? Efektor Modulation Bundle (now at $45 for 4 Modulation FXs) will suit your needs.
Are you a Distortion Junkie? Efektor Distortion Bundle packed everything Overdrives, Distortions, and Fuzzes inside a great value bundle of $35.
Or anyone who wants a custom selection of effects at unbelievable prices will surely love the Efektor Custom Bundle. Get 5 effects of your choosing for only $59. That means only less than $12 each!
Plus, any of the Guitar Amps or FX Plug-ins are the best opportunity to complete your Amplifikation 360 Modules. Don’t miss the Kuassa Bundle Week Sale. Only valid for two weeks!
*Sale ends March 31, 2021.
  • Amplifikation 360 Bundle (Best Value Ever for Guitarists): from  $299 to $199
  • Studio Bundle (3 Vintage Mixing / Mastering EQs and 1 Transparent Mastering Limiter): from $139 to $69
  • Efektor Distortion Bundle (3 Efektor Distortion FXs): from $59 to $35
  • Efektor Modulation Bundle (4 Efektor Modulation FXs): from $75 to $45
  • Efektor Custom Bundle (5 Efektor FXs as you choose): from $99 to $59
  • EVE-AT Bundle (EVE-AT1 + EVE-AT4 Equalizers): from $65 to $30
Rack Extensions also have similar discounts:
  • Amplifikation Bundle RE (New! Includes Amplifikation Clarent)$149 to $109
  • Efektor Bundle RE (11 Effects unit you’ll need, not only for guitarists)from $149 to $99
  • Studio Bundle RE (3 Vintage Mixing / Mastering EQs and 1 Transparent Mastering Limiter): from $139 to $69
  • EVE-AT Bundle RE (3 of the top-rated EQs for Rack Extension): from $75 to $45
  • Efektor Distortion Bundle RE (3 Efektor Distortion FXs): from $59 to $35
  • Efektor Modulation Bundle RE (4 Efektor Modulation FXs): from $75 to $45

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